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The Full Story


Ground Zero is an East African Coffee Company and Podcast Service passionately focused on community impact through storytelling and social enterprise.

Ground Zero is the birthplace of coffee, the starting-point of creativity, the foundation of community empowerment. Our motivation is to create empowering narratives that uplift our community.

We started Ground Zero on April 12, 2020 during the pandemic to help deliver our freshly roasted coffee at a convenience for our customers to their homes and assist those severely impacted by COVID-19 through financial assistance, educational resources and empowerment tools. We desire to use our coffee company and social impact business model as a tool to spark conversation, build community and foster change in our world.



Ground Zero Coffee serves specialty grade and ethically traded coffee sourced from its place of origin, Ethiopia and the greater East African regions. We are coffee focused, community driven and African sourced.


All proceeds from your purchase of Ground Zero Coffee help fund and fuel our global commitment to improving black lives and underrepresented communities by providing access to educational resources through impactful content and programming.


Our Ground Zero Podcast Service and ‘Start From Ground Zero’ educational community event series offers free education that is “relatable” and “reachable” on topics such as financial literacy, tech, civic engagement, enterprise, brand building, health & wellness.

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